Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life is cherry

Sorry, I couldn't think of a good title this week.

I continue to nurse a bad back and the temps remain in the mid 20's (f) so I kept my boat projects close to home this weekend.

I sanded the face surfaces of the cherry paneling rounding and 'softening' the hard edges of the profile...

... and then oiled them.

Here is a preview of what the paneling might look like.

I might actually get some of the paneling installed next weekend. There are a few other non-boat projects in the pipeline that I might have to deal with and the weather is always an issue but I am looking forward to the possibility of installing the cherry paneling next weekend. It might even be time to order the sheets of cherry veneered plywood that will cover the largest portion of the interior. And there is the galley benchtop to frame up too. And a million other small projects I could do to for that matter.

As an old boss used to tell me. "Somedays all you can do is push the ball forward a little bit. Any progress is good progress and progress means you will eventually finish."

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