Sunday, August 16, 2009


(Boom In... get it?)

Yesterday was another boat picnic day. While I was there I was able to install the fitting for the mainsheet block which allowed me to put the boom on.

The temps were in the 90's so I wasn't too crazy about epoxy projects which means I decided to hold off drilling the mounting holes for the genoa tracks.

Speaking of high temps. Yesterday was a good test of the dark hull in hot conditions. High up on the topsides I have not installed the insulation. I held off until I was sure about how the toerails were going to be mounted and I haven't got back to it yet. Up high, in the direct sun, on the dark hull, the inside surface gets quite hot. Not so much to burn my hand but hotter than is comfortable. I am sure that if the whole hull were uninsulated, a day like yesterday would turn my interior into a roasting oven. Down lower, where the insulation was installed the inner surface is barely warm. With a little better ventilation (still in the planning phase) I don't see a problem with 90 degree days and a dark hull. Phew!

With sweat pouring out of every pore I decided to take my $100 skiff for a river cruise. Its rather discouraging to be reminded that a $100 boat can be quite fun and a $50k boat can be all work...

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