Thursday, January 8, 2009

Engine Schematic

I just whipped up a schematic that shows how I intend to wire the engine.

Well... I am not sure there is any other way to wire a gas engine actually...

I didn't spell out the engine indicators other than the power and ground connections. The ammeter shunt (the sensing part of the ammeter) will go between the battery and alternator wherever it is convenient. The voltermeter is connected across the battery terminals. The water temp and oil pressure circuits have the sensors downstream of the indicator and before the ground.

All the grounds are actually the engine block or connections to the engine block.

The Moyer Marine illustration is a PDF document. I tried making a direct link but it didn't go through. I could figure it out or I could be lazy and just post the link. I am posting the link to the forum thread. Don Moyer's reply has a link to the picture. Its worth looking at.

[Edit- here is a low pixel version]


Jeffrey said...

Hi Britton, just wanted to let you know that I have been following yours and Tims blogs. I just bought Triton 194 and I had emailed you with some questions. Is that email eaddress on your blog not valid anymore? I see you all the time on Plastic Forum, but I thought the questions were more suited to be asked from your website.

Britton said...

Sorry I missed your emails. The website didn't forward them Try again at and I will get back to you this weekend.

Or just post away in the comments section here if you don't mind the whole world listening in.