Sunday, February 20, 2011

Typical Winter Progress...

... which is to say, not much is happening.

Shoveling, traveling to visit other boats (and friends) and staying inside where it is warm is about all I have accomplished this month. I had plans to get out to the actual boat today but the wind is frigid and quite brisk and there is still a few feet of ice built up around the boat shelter making it a chore to get in.

When not complaining or procrastinating I have continued to putter around on the settee backs. The panels have been fussed with and sanded and re-oiled.

and the latching hardware has been installed.

The hinges are going to wait until the panels can be varnished. In the meantime I can install the panels. I had high hopes of installing them today but I changed my mind when I walked out the door this morning.

I have been thinking about how to grasp the panel doors to open them. I don't want knobs that can be uncomfortable to lean against and I had planned on drilling finger holes and using wooden donut-like inserts to cover up the raw plywood edges. I am not seeng them commercially available (though I know they are out there somewhere) and am wondering about just drilling the finger holes oversized, plugging them with solid cherry, and then drilling out the plugs with the correct -finger sized- holes later. Probably more time consuming then I think it will be which is why I haven't done it yet. I am getting paranoid about what I think should be a quick half day's job turning into a month's part time work. I wonder why that is?...